BlueFin Research is a leading independent equity research boutique focused on technology and consumer discretionary retail apparel marketplace. Our mission is to be the leading provider of impartial, accurate and timely insights into the companies and industry segments in which we specialize. We have become a leading provider of research and insights to a broad base of institutional investors and some of the most knowledgeable technology and consumer retail investors on the buy-side.

We pride ourselves on our unbiased perspectives and are unencumbered by traditional sell-side activities such as investment banking, stock buy-backs, venture capital activities, and other conflicting corporate finance business that could influence our opinions.

Our technology research efforts provide insights on dozens of companies across various IT segments, including semiconductors, distribution, contract manufacturing (ODM/EMS), networking, telecom, storage, and handsets/wireless. 

Our consumer discretionary research efforts provide insight on several companies across the retail apparel marketplace.

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