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BlueFin’s goal is to provide the highest-quality research product specializing in uncovering developing industry trends in the Technology sector. We view our customers as partners and cater exclusively to institutions: hedge funds, mutual funds, investment advisors and pension managers. We are a research boutique and pride ourselves in “calling it as we see it,” free from outside influences.

Our research product is independent, unbiased and most importantly, unencumbered by traditional investment banking and corporate financing activities. Our partners look to us to be an extension of their research effort and are in regular contact with our research and sales teams in order to get timely updates.

Our institutional sales team maintains constant contact with our team in order to disseminate research updates and thought pieces for the clients knowledge base, potential trading ideas and long-term investment opportunities.

To become a partner of BlueFin Research, call or email our institutional sales team directly:

Jay Battista617-737-5700jbattista@bluefinresearch.com

Email a BlueFin research product request to operations@bluefinresearch.com or call 617-737-5711


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